Organizational Chart

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 Region V Organizational Chart

Marisol Simon (Regional Administrator, 312-353-2789)

Cecelia Comito (Regional Counsel, 312-353-4118)

Renee Berger (Paralegal, 312-353-2887)

Marjorie Espina (Regional Civil Rights Officer, 312-353-4025)

Kelley Brookins (Deputy Regional Administrator, 312-353-1654) 

Tim Steinitz (Program Analyst, 312-353-4315)

Kimberly Barnes (Administrative Officer, 312-886-1619)

Marisa Appleton (Administrative Staff Assistant, 312-353-4228)

Alexandria Burns (Program Management Specialist, 312-353-3770)

Sheila Clements (Office of Planning & Program Development, Director, 312-353-1552)

Vanessa Adams (Community Planner, 312-886-0309)

Reginald Arkell (Community Planner, 312-886-3704)

Christopher Bertch (Community Planner, 312-353-3853)

R. Stewart McKenzie (Community Planner, 312-353-2866)

Susan Orona (Community Planner, 312-353-3888)

David Werner (Community Planner, 312-353-3879)

William Wheeler (Community Planner, 312-353-2639)

Anthony Greep (Transportation Specialist, 312-353-1646)

Angelica Salgado (Transportation Specialist, 312-886-1621)

Mark Assam (Environmental Protection Specialist, 312-353-4070)

Steven Clark (Environmental Protection Specialist, Contractor, 312-353-2871)

Dominick Gatto (Office of Program Management & Oversight, Director, 312-353-1653)

Melody Hopson (Engineer, 312-886-1611)

Sharletha Johnson (Engineer, 312-353-3869)

Duana Love (Engineer, 312-353-3882)

Athena Medero (Engineer, 312-353-4038)

Cyrell McLemore (Engineer, 312-886-1625)

Tarressa Carrell (Transportation Specialist, 312-886-1624)

Derek Davis (Transportation Specialist, 312-353-2874)

Lisa Joiner (Transportation Specialist, 312-353-2791)

Nichole Neal (Transportation Specialist, 312-353-2792)

Ronald Schiltz (Transportation Specialist, Contractor, 312-353-3855)

Mariliza Tuviera (Transportation Specialist, Contractor, 312-353-4060)

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