SCC Workbook Release Notes

Release Notes

Rev. 12, July 31, 2009

  1. TEAM Scopes and ALI Worksheet: Changed to include only one Scope Code.
  2. Inflation Worksheet:
    1. Changed the year with 1.0 multiplier to 2009, the current Base Year.
    2. Highlighted in yellow the note that indicates the project sponsor inserts the inflation rate for each year.
  3. Baseline Alternative Main Worksheet: increased cost parameters to account for inflation.

Rev. 13, June 1, 2010

  1. Project Definitions: 20.05 deleted link.
  2. Inflation:  Moved Base Year to 2010.
  3. Schedule: Added rows for Construction Contract Packages.
  4. BASELINE Main: Inflated unit cost parameters.
  5. 3A: Corrected vehicle count.
  6. A4: Reformatted schedule.