VA Veterans Transportation Service

The Veterans Transportation Service (VTS)is a new program of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Central Business Office. VTS seeks to provide transportation services to VA Medical Centers as well as technology and mobility management training to Medical Center staff that enable VTS services to better interface with other community transportation resources.

VA Medical Centers and VTS sites are ideal partners for Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative (VTCLI)grant projects. The VTS Regional Coordinators, listed below,can help VTCLI grantees or applicants connect with the appropriate transportation professionals within the nearest VA facility.

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Colorful map of the 21 Veterans Integrated Service Networks in the United States, Virgin Island (U.S. Territory), Puerto Rico (Commonwealth), Philippines, Guam and American Samoa for the Veterans Health Administration Health System
The VHA Health System is divided into 21 Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISNs)

Determine the appropriate VISN(s) for your community and find the Regional Coordinator for that VISN below.

Regional Coordinator VISNs Assigned Phone E-mail
Yvonne Pozgar 1-8 404-798-7515
Mindy Underwood 9,10,12, 15,16 404-798-7520
Kevin Bergan 11, 17-18 404-798-7454
Alex Martinez 19-23 404-798-7511