WEBINAR: Using Asset Management to Adapt to Weather Extremes: Lessons Learned from Transport for London

Sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration and the Federal Highway Administration

Thursday, December 15, 2011, 10:30am - 12pm US Eastern time

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Transportation systems "on both sides of the pond" face challenges with bringing assets up to a state of good repair while dealing with extreme weather and changing climates. Flooding and heat waves further stress aging assets. FTA and FHWA Office Directors provide introductory remarks. Then engineers and specialists from Transport for London (TfL) describe how their agency has integrated climate impacts into asset management systems in order to better adapt transportation infrastructure and operations to risks. Presenters explain TfL risk assessments, asset management processes, highways drainage hotspot identification, and adaptive design of future assets such as flood proofing for a major new construction project. TfL manages Londonís buses, road network, underground rail, and above ground rail.