DBE Compliance Review Final Reports

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

Property Name Location Final Report Issued Report Type
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Los Angeles, CA   June 2013 Final (PDF)
City of Honolulu  Honolulu, HI  April 2013 Final (PDF) 
North County Transit District  Oceanside, CA  February 2013 Final (PDF)
Maryland Transit Administration Baltimore, MD  March 2013  Final (PDF)  
Kansas City Area Transportation Authority  Kansas City, MO February 2013 Final (PDF)
King County DOT Seattle, WA February 2013 Final (PDF)
Amarillo City Transit  Amarillo, TX  January 2013  Final (PDF)
Central Oklahoma Transportation & Parking Authority Oklahoma City, OK January 2013 Final (PDF)
Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation Greensboro, NC January 2013 Final (PDF)
Port Authority of Alleghany County   Pittsburgh, PA  January 2013  Final (PDF)  
Louisiana DOT Baton Rouge, LA December 2012 Final (PDF)
Wisconsin DOT  Madison, WI December 2012  Final (PDF) 
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Washington, DC  November 2012   Final (PDF)  
North Dakota DOT  Bismarck, ND  October 2012  Final (PDF) 
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority  Atlanta, GA  September 2012   Final (PDF)  
San Francisco Municpal Transportation Agency  San Francisco, CA  September 2012   Final (PDF)  
Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority  Orlando, FL  September 2012   Final (PDF)  
Dallas Area Rapid Transit  Dallas, TX   September 2012   Final (PDF) 
Transbay Joint Powers Authority  San Francisco, CA  September 2012  

Final (PDF) 

Regional Transportation District  Denver, CO  September 2012   Final (PDF) 
Bi-State Development Agency St. Louis, MO July 2012  Final (PDF)
Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County Houston, TX   June 2012   Final (PDF)  
Kansas DOT   Topeka, KS  May 2012   Final (PDF) 
Oregon DOT   Salem, OR  May 2012  Final (PDF) 
Tri-Met  Portland, OR  November 2011  Final (PDF) 
Chicago Transit Authority  Chicago, IL  October 2011  Final (PDF) 
Charlotte CATS  Charlotte, NC  September 2011  Final (PDF) 
Florida DOT  Tallahasee, FL  September 2011  Final (PDF) 
Metropolitan Transportation Authority   New York, NY  June 2011  Final (PDF) 
Miami-Dade Transit  Miami, FL  April 2010  Final (PDF) 
Connecticut DOT  Newington, CT  August 2010  Final (PDF) 
Utah DOT  Salt Lake City, UT  August 2010  Final (PDF) 
City of Phoenix Phoenix, AZ August 2010 Final (PDF)


Unified Certification Program

State Location Final Report Issued Report Type
Illinois Springfield, IL May 2013 Final (PDF)
Minnesota  Minneapolis, MN February 2013  Final (PDF) 
New York   Albany, NY  April 2013  Final (PDF)
Georgia  Atlanta, GA February 2013 Final (PDF)
Washington  Olympia, WA  February 2013 Final (PDF)
Colorado Denver, CO January 2013 Final (PDF) 
North Dakota  Bismarck, ND  October 2012  Final (PDF)
Oregon  Salem, OR  September 2012  Final (PDF) 
Massachusetts  Boston, MA  April 2012  Final (PDF) 
Virginia  Richmond, VA  April 2012  Final (PDF) 
Florida  Tallahassee, FL  September 2011  Final (PDF) 
California  Oakland, CA  August 2010  Final (PDF)
North Carolina  Raleigh, NC  August 2010  Final (PDF) 
Utah  Salt Lake City, UT  August 2010  Final (PDF) 
Texas Austin, TX August 2010 Final (PDF)