Fuel Cell Bus Program Project Descriptions

CALSTART, Pasadena, CA

Project: Next Generation Fuel Cell Power System Development Towards Transit Bus Commercialization (Phase I)

Partner: CALSTART, Pasadena, CA, UTC Power, South Windsor, CT
Amount: $7,200,000
The first phase of a multi-phase project to develop a next generation fuel cell power system, leading to commercialization of a fuel cell bus that is compliant with FTA Buy America regulations.

Project: Chicago Transit Authority Fuel Cell Bus Demonstration

Partners: CALSTART, Pasadena, CA; El Dorado Inc., Riverside, CA; Ballard Power Systems Inc., Lowell, MA; BAE Systems Inc., Johnson City, NY; Chicago Transit Authority; Air Products Inc., Allentown, PA.
Amount: $2,970,000
Develop and conduct in-service testing for a next generation Buy America compliant fuel cell bus in Chicago’s RTA fleet. This project will demonstrate a fuel cell bus in a large transit agency, with the potential for larger fleets of cell bus procurements, as well as develop and demonstrate new technology that enables operation of fuel cell buses in cold climates. 

Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE), Atlanta, GA

Project: Advanced Composite Fuel Cell Bus Demonstration 

Partners: CTE, Atlanta, GA; Proterra, Greenville, SC; Ballard Power Systems Inc., Lowell, MA; CMRTA, Columbia, SC; Univ of Texas CEM - Austin, TX
Amount: $2,421,724
CTE will use the funds to develop and demonstrate a highly-efficient 35-foot Proterra fuel cell bus with an enhanced Ballard HD6 fuel cell and fast-charging capabilities and will demonstrate the bus in revenue service.

Project: Birmingham Fuel Cell Bus Demonstration Program

Partners: CTE, Atlanta, GA;  BJCTA - Birmingham, AL; EV America, Chattanooga, TN; UAB- Birmingham, AL; Ballard Power Systems, Lowell, MA; Altairnano, Reno, NV
Amount: $1,545,148
CTE will use the funds for continuation of Birmingham’s fuel cell bus demonstration.  The funds will support the development and demonstration of a 30-foot battery-dominant fuel cell bus, incorporating advanced Lithium battery technology, with improved range, acceleration, and fuel economy.

Project: Austin Demonstration Program Enhancement

Partners: CTE, Atlanta, GA; CapMetro, Austin, TX; Proterra, Greenville, SC
Amount: $133,774
CTE will use the funds to continue operation of Austin’s fuel cell bus demonstration program with enhancements.

Project: DC/DC Converter Development Program

Partners: CTE, Atlanta, GA; Embedded Power Controls, Salem, VA
Amount: $195,573
CTE will use the funds to develop an 18 kilowatt DC-DC converter that will interface with equivalent fuel cell systems and traction battery systems with greater efficiency.

Project: Coordination of Communications and Outreach for Fuel Cell Bus Program

Partners: CTE, Atlanta, GA; CIC Research, San Diego, CA
Amount: $459,120
CTE will coordinate outreach and communications of fuel cell buses through international and national workgroups, fuel cell bus website, and worldwide report on demonstrations.

Project: ECO Saver IV Hybrid Electric Fuel Cell Bus Demonstration

Partners: CTE, Atlanta, GA; Ohio State ,Columbus, OH; Design Line, Charlotte, NC;  Ballard Power Systems, Lowell, MA
Amount: $1,667,408
CTE will use the funds to initiate a project to integrate an advanced Ballard fuel cell with hybrid drive/energy management and storage systems into a commercially viable transit bus using an existing hybrid platform.