Public Transportation SAFETEA-LU Training Presentations

2007 FTA Region VII Public Transportation SAFETEA-LU Meeting

November 7- 9, 2007

Kansas City, Missouri


Plenary Session: Transit Safety and Security [PPT] [MS Word]

Concurrent Session I

Ia:  Minimizing Delays in Grant Application and Submission and Helpful Tips in Grants Management [PPT] [MS Word]

Ib:  The New Title VI and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) - Implementing the New Circular [PPT] [MS Word]      

Ic:  Joint Development: What Is It and How Can It Be Used to Win Friends and Influence People? [PPT] [MS Word]

Concurrent Session II

IIa:  How to Succeed in the Statewide and Metropolitan Transportation Planning Process [PPT] [MS Word]

Plenary Session:

Internal Controls - Preventing Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in Urban and Rural Transit Systems [PPT] [MS Word]

Embezzlement 101 [PPT] [MS Word]

Concurrent Session III

IIIb:  Disadvantaged Business Enterprise:  Providing Contracting Opportunities for Minority and Women-Owned Businesses [PPT] [MS Word]

IIIc:  Job Access/Reverse Commute and New Freedom Programs in Rural and Urban Communities

          Implementing Service Coordination [PPT] [MS Word]

Concurrent Session IV

IVb:  Transit Marketing Best Practices [PPT] [MS Word]

Plenary Session:  Do You Want to Build a Facility With Federal Funds? [PPT] [MS Word]

Facilities Design and Construction Requirements [PPT] [MS Word]

Concurrent Session V

Va:  New Starts/Small Starts - How to Work with the New Starts Policies and Procedures Guidance [PPT] [MS Word]

        FTA New Starts Project Development Process [PPT] [MS Word]

Vb:  The Americans with Disabilities Act - Fixed Route and Paratransit [PPT] [MS Word]

Plenary Session:  Procurement, Oversight Reviews, and You! -- What To Know and What To Do. [PPT] [MS Word]