Region 1 Org Chart

Below this chart you will find the same information in outline format.

·         Mary Beth Mello, Regional Administrator

o   Peter Butler, Deputy Regional Administrator

§  Wendy Lee, Regional Counsel

§  Margaret “Peggy” Griffin, Civil Rights Officer

§  Noah Berger, Director, Office of Planning & Program Development

·         Joanne Weinstock, Program Manager (MA, CT)

·         Sean Sullivan, Environmental Protection Specialist (CT, NH)

·         Nicolas Garcia, Community Planner (RI)

·         Eric Papetti, Program Manager (VT, ME)

·         Kristin Wood, Program Manager (MA)

§  Matthew Keamy, Director, Office of Program Management & Oversight

·         Marilyn Scheffler, General Engineer (ME, NH, VT, CT)

·         James Hughes, General Engineer (CT)

·         Kay Teahan, Transportation Program Specialist

·         Christopher LaMacchia, General Engineer (MA, RI)

·         Ronald Radlo, Procurement Specialist (Contractor)