General New Grantee Attachments



  1. Sample Council or Board Resolution:
  2. FY 2013 Certifications & Assurances:
  3. FY 2013 Master Agreement:
  4. “Dear Colleague” Letter on DUNS Number:
  5. Request for Addition To Vendor File Award (TEAM):
  6. TEAM New User Request Form:
  7. (Line item reserved)

  8. (Line item reserved)

  9. (Line item reserved)

  10. (Line item reserved)

  11. (Line item reserved)

  12. (Line item reserved)

  13. (Line item reserved)

  14. Documented Categorical Exclusion (DCE) Worksheet:
  15. Endangered Species Act (ESA) Screening Checklist:
  16. Procurement Requirements & Sources of Information:


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