The fiscal year 2000 "Statistical Summaries" presents selected analyzed data on the distribution and use of the following programs administered by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA):

The total amount obligated for these programs in FY 2000 was $7.7 billion, which is $2.1 billion (or 37%) higher than the previous fiscal year. About 92 percent was obligated under the two largest programs: Capital Program (35%) and Urbanized Area Formula Program (57%). Of the total $7.7 billion, 93% was programmed for capital; 5% for operating; and 2% for planning. Within the total capital obligations of $7.2 billion, 50% was used for Bus, 31% for Fixed Guideway, and 19% for New Starts. In FY 2000, FTA funded the purchase of 11,864 motor vehicles, or 3,312 (39%) higher than in FY 1999. The purchase of 238 rail cars was funded with $286.8 million. Bus and rail rehabilitation totaled $37.4 million and $144.3 million, respectively. Obligations for bus preventive maintenance were $569.7 million; rail, $134.2 million. Overall preventive maintenance obligations increased by 58% compared to FY 1999.