Oversight Procedures

March 2011

Configuration Control Sheet

OP01 Oversight Procedures

OP02 Implementation, Transition Plans and Status Reporting

OP03 Special Tasks

OP20 Project Management Plan

OP21 Grantee Technical Capacity and Capability Review

OP22 Safety Security

OP23 Real Estate Acquisition and Management Plan Review

OP24 QA-QC Review

OP25 Recurring Oversight and Related Reports

OP26 Lessons Learned

OP27 Before-and-After Study Review

OP31 Annual NS Review

OP32A Project Capacity Review

OP32B NEPA and Design Document Comparison

OP32C Project Scope Review

OP32D Project Delivery Method Review

OP33 Capital Cost Estimate Review

OP34 Project Schedule Review

OP35 ADA Review - Level Boarding for Commuter Rail

OP36 Buy America Review

OP37 Fleet Management Plan Review

OP38 Bus and Rail Vehicle Technical Review

OP40 Risk and Contingency Review

OP40 Risk and Contingency Review Workbook

OP50 Readiness to Enter PE - New Starts

OP51 Readiness to Enter Final Design

OP52 Readiness for FFGA

OP53 Readiness to Bid Constr Work

OP54 Readiness for Revenue Operations

OP60 Readiness Reviews - Small Starts

OP61 ARRA Project Implementation Review