Elderly and Persons with Disabilities Program (Section 5310)

Section 5310 makes funds available to meet the special transportation needs of elderly persons and persons with disabilities. These funds are apportioned to the states annually by a formula that is based on the number of elderly persons and persons with disabilities in each state. In FY 1999, $67.0 million was appropriated for the Section 5310 program, and an additional $30.1 million in flexible funds were transferred into the program. The program is administered through the states and it is at the state level that specific funding decisions are made.

Capital assistance is provided on an 80 percent Federal, 20 percent local matching basis, except vehicle-related equipment needed to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Clean Air Act Amendment (CAAA) requirements, which is fundable on a 90 percent Federal, 10 percent local matching basis. Those eligible to receive Section 5310 funding include private nonprofit agencies, public bodies approved by the state to coordinate services for elderly persons and persons with disabilities, or public bodies which certify to the Governor that no nonprofit corporations or associations are readily available in an area to provide the service.

The period of availability for Section 5310 funds is one year. Any amount of a state's apportionment remaining unobligated may be transferred to the Section 5311 or the Section 5307 program during the fourth quarter of the fiscal year. In FY 1999, approximately $2.7 million was transferred from the Section 5310 program to the Section 5311 program. Any Section 5310 funds left unobligated or not transferred at the end of the fiscal year will be reapportioned among all the states in a subsequent year's apportionment. Funds totalling $66.2 million were obligated to 51 grantees (states and territories) in FY 1999.

Since the program began in 1975, state agencies have obligated over $859 million for the purchase of vehicles, equipment, or service designed to meet the needs of elderly persons and persons with disabilities. The Section 5310 program has enabled thousands of elderly persons and persons with disabilities to achieve greater mobility and independence.