State of Good Repair & Asset Management

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In 2013, FTA estimated that more than 40 percent of buses and 25 percent of rail transit assets were in marginal or poor condition. Estimates from the National State of Good Repair Assessment (PDF) identified an $86 billion backlog in deferred maintenance and replacement needs, a backlog that continues to grow.

Helping transit agencies maintain bus and rail systems in a State of Good Repair (SGR) is one of FTA’s highest priorities. FTA recommends Transit Asset Management (TAM) practices to preserve and expand transit investments. Having well maintained, reliable transit infrastructure – track, signal systems, bridges, tunnels, vehicles and stations – will help ensure safe, dependable and accessible services.

FTA’s State of Good Repair Formula Program grants are distributed to state and local governments in urbanized areas for repairs and upgrading of rail and bus rapid transit systems that are at least seven years old.

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