Responsibilities of Each Party

Recipient (Grantee) Responsibilities

 A recipient of FTA Capital Assistance, often referred to as a “grantee,” is responsible for:

Note that 49 CFR 665.7(b) states that, “It is the responsibility of the recipient [emphasis added] in dealing with a manufacturer, to determine whether a vehicle to be acquired is subject to these procedures.”  While recipients and manufacturers frequently obtain assistance from FTA in evaluating testing requirements, it is still ultimately the recipient’s responsibility to determine whether a bus has satisfied the Bus Testing requirements.

Grantees are strongly encouraged to thoroughly review and understand the applicable Bus Testing Report(s) prior to final acceptance of a bus model.  Several grantees have experienced inferior performance and/or expensive, disruptive, embarrassing, and dangerous fleet failures because they did not carefully review the reports on a bus model before final acceptance, which might have given them the opportunity to demand corrective action from the manufacturer.

Recipients are also strongly encouraged (it may become a requirement; check the current Circulars) to ensure that the service life category (e.g., 7-year/200,000-mile) for the bus(es) to be acquired is explicitly specified in the solicitation and grant documents.

Bus Manufacturer Responsibilities

Test Facility Operator Responsibilities

FTA Responsibilities