About FY2013 Apportionments and 2010 Census

Preliminary MAP-21 Program Funding (Excel)

Estimates are based on the new program structure, formulas, and authorized funding levels provided by the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21). The estimates take 2010 Census data into account, including the designation of new urbanized areas.

Several MAP-21 formulas require funds to be apportioned using data on persons with low-incomes, older adults, or people with disabilities. Because the Census Bureau no longer collects this demographic information as part of its decennial census, FTA’s apportionments will rely on data from the Census’ American Community Survey (ACS).

The most recent ACS data, which was published in December 2011, does not yet align data on persons with low-incomes, older adults, or people with disabilities residing in urbanized areas to the 2010 Urbanized Area boundaries which were published by the Census in March 2012.

Once the ACS publishes data that matches the 2010 Urbanized Area boundaries, FTA will use the newer data in place of the existing ACS data sets.

Finally, since new data is not yet available, the estimates use the same data on transit service from the National Transit Database (NTD) as that used for apportioning FY2012 (full-year FY2012 apportionments).

As a result, these estimates are not final and are likely to change to some degree, depending on the results of the appropriations process for FY2013 and the application of new NTD data, and the application of new Census data.

FY2013 Apportionments by Program

In FY2013, urbanized areas will receive apportionments from four programs:

States will receive apportionments from the: