Historical Data


  Table  H-1--By Program (FY 2000-2009) (Excel)  
  Figure H-1--Total Obligations, and for capital and Urb Area Formula Programs FTA Obligations (PowerPoint) 
  Table  H-2--By Capital, Operating, and Planning  By State (FY 1999-2009) (Excel)  
  Figure H-2--Capital, Planning, and Operating Obligations for States (FY 1999-2009) (PowerPoint)
  Table  H-3--By Capital, Operating, and Planning, By UZAs Over 1M Popul (FY 1999-2009) (Excel) 
  Figure H-3--Capital, Planning, and Operating Obligations for UZAs > 1M (1999-2009) (PowerPoint)
  Table  H-4--By Bus, FG, and New Starts, By UZAs > 1M Popul (1997-2009) (Excel)
  Table  H-5--Capital Obligations by Program (Excel)


  Table  H-6--Urbanized Area Formula by State (FY 1999-2009) (Excel)
  Table  H-7--Capital Program by State (FY 1999-2009) (Excel) 
  Table  H-8--Elderly / Persons with Disabilities Program by State (FY 1999-2009) (Excel)  
  Table  H-9--Non-urbanized Area Formula Program by State (FY 1999-2009) (Excel)  
  Table  H-10--Non-urbanized Area Formula Program by Category (FY 1984-2009) (Excel)
  Table  H-11--RTAP by State (FY 1999-2009) (Excel)  
  Table  H-12--Job Access / Reverse Commute (FY 1999-2009) (Excel)  
  Table  H-13--Over-the-Road Bus by State FY (1999-2009) (Excel)


Bus Purchase Obligations by Area with State Totals

  Table  H-14--Urbanized Area Formula Program (FY 1999-2009) (Excel)
  Table  H-15--Capital Program (FY 1999-2009) (Excel)  

Bus Other Obligations by Area with State Totals

  Table  H-16--Urbanized Area Formula Program (FY 1999-2009) (Excel)  
  Table  H-17--Capital Program (FY 1999-2009) (Excel)    

Bus Maintenance Facility Obligations by Area with State Totals

  Table  H-18--Urbanized Area Formula Program (FY 1999-2009) (Excel) 
  Table  H-19--Capital Program(FY 1999-2009) (Excel)

Fixed Guideway Modernization Obligations by Area with State Totals

  Table  H-20--Urbanized Area Formula Program (FY 1999-2009) (Excel) 
  Table  H-21--Capital Program (FY1999-2009) (Excel) 

New Starts

  Table  H-22--Urbanized Area Formula Program (FY 1999-2009) (Excel)
  Table  H-23--Capital Program (FY 1999-2009) (Excel)

Planning Obligations by Area with State Totals

  Table  H-24--Urbanized Area Formula Program (Excel)   

Operating Obligations by Area with State Totals

  Table  H-25--Urbanized Area Formula Program (Excel) 


  Table  H-26--Summary of Transfers (FY 1992-2009) (Excel)  
  Table  H-27--Summary of Obligations (FY 1992-2009) (Excel)  
  Table  H-28--Comparison of Flexible Fund Obligations by Purpose and by State (FY 1992-2009) (Excel) 
  Table  H-29--Comparison of Flexible Fund Ob. by Purpose for UZAs > 1M (FY 1992-2009) (Excel)
  Table  H-30--Impact of Flexible Funds on Major FTA Programs (FY 1992-2009) (Excel) 
  Table  H-31--Flexible Fund Utilization (Excel)  
  Table  H-32--State / Grantee Participation (Excel) 


  Table  H-33--Obligations for PMO (Excel)
  Table  H-34--Transfers from Urbanized area to Non-urbanized area (Excel)
  Table  H-35--Transfers Non-urbanized area to Urbanized area (Excel)
  Table  H-36--Number of Vehicles by Program (FY 1990-2009) (Excel) 
  Figure H-36--Number of Vehicles by Fiscal Year (FY 1990-2009) (PowerPoint) 
  Table  H-37--Number of Vehicles by Type (FY 1990-2009) (Excel)

Vehicle Purchases

  Table  H-38--Urbanized Area Formula Program by Area/State (FY 1990-2009) (Excel)  
  Table  H-39--Capital Program by Area/State (FY 1999-2009) (Excel) 
  Table  H-40--Elderly and Persons with Disabilities Program by State (FY 1999-2009) (Excel) 
  Table  H-41--Non-urbanized Area Formula Program byState (FY 1999-2009) (Excel)   
  Table  H-42--New Rail Cars Purchased by Type (FY 1977-2009) (Excel)
  Figure H-42--Number of Rail Cars by Type

 Number of Grants

  Table  H-43--Number of Grants awarded by program (FY 1996-2009) (Excel)
  Figure H-43--FTA Grants Awarded by Fiscal Year (FY 1999-2009) (PowerPoint)