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Hartford-New Britain Busway

Project Description

This project consists of a two-way, nine-mile exclusive busway with twelve on-line stations linking downtown New Britain with Hartford's Union Station. Express service will extend beyond the busway to the south and west using Interstate 84 and other major roadways. Bus routes will be able to enter and exit the busway at intermediate locations. One portion of the busway, Hartford to Newington Junction, will use an Amtrak-owned right-of-way to be shared with existing freight and passenger rail operations. The other portion, Newington Junction to New Britain, will use an abandoned state-owned railroad right-of-way.

The primary busway service will operate 18 hours per day using a mix of standard buses and 60-foot articulated buses. Other routes using the busway may operate for shorter spans and enter and exit the busway at intermediate locations. Buses will exit the busway in Downtown Hartford to circulate through the central business district. The average travel time from Hartford to New Britain is expected to fall from 35 to 25 minutes. ITS applications under consideration include signal priority, automatic vehicle location (AVL), real-time information, and a smart signal system for grade crossing control. Stations will provide a high degree of amenity and traveler convenience. Connecting bus routes and van services will link passengers with off-line destinations at station locations. Stations may also be constructed along routes that feed the busway. Joint development with office, residential, retail, or other commercial uses will be investigated.

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) began in December 1999 and was completed with a Record of Decision in March 2002. Preliminary Engineering is beginning in the early fall of 2002. Operations are expected to begin in January 2006.

Total project costs are estimated to be $160 million, including busway design and construction, 10 articulated buses, 10 40-foot buses, and 10 30-foot buses, and modifying an existing maintenance facility to accommodate articulated buses. Existing bus services in the corridor require a state operating subsidy of $7.7 million per year. The projected increase in service will require an additional $5.7 million per year.

Contact Information
Michael Sanders, michael.sanders@po.state.ct.us
Public Transit Administrator
Connecticut Department of Transportation
2800 Berlin Turnpike, PO Box 317546
Newington, CT 06131-7546
Phone: 860-594-2830
Fax: 860-594-2848

Updated November 5, 2002

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