Scenario Planning

Scenario planning is a planning process that evaluates the effects of alternative policies, plans, and/or programs on the future of a community or region. This activity can provide information to decision-makers as they develop the transportation plan. Scenarios may be used by stakeholders to explore and debate alternatives and trade-offs. By testing several scenarios against performance indicators, decision-makers can select a preferred scenario and identify an appropriate set of actions that will lead toward this desired vision.

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Name Description
Overview of MAP-21 Planning Provisions

Joint FTA-FHWA presentation slides outlining the metropolitan and statewide planning provisions in MAP-21.

Scenario Planning Capacity Building

Joint FTA-FHWA resources and technical assistance for scenario planning.

Scenario Planning Guidebook

FHWA guidebook to assist transportation agencies in carrying out a scenario planning process from start to finish. Transportation agencies can use the guidebook as a framework to develop a scenario planning approach tailored to their needs.

FHWA Scenario Planning Page

The Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Scenario Planning website, for information about noteworthy practices and innovative uses of Scenario Planning applications for transportation planning.

FHWA Scenario Planning and Visualization in Transportation: Visualization in Planning

The Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Visualization in Planning website, for information on noteworthy practices and innovative uses of visualization for transportation planning.