Public Involvement & Outreach

In accordance with 23 CFR 450.316, a metropolitan planning organization (MPO) is required to engage in a metropolitan planning process that creates opportunities for public involvement, participation, and consultation throughout the development of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Under this requirement, MPOs must allow for:

The MPO should develop a collaborative and comprehensive Public Participation Plan, in full collaboration with the public and stakeholder communities, to be used in the development of the MTP and TIP, as well as to frame the strategies for public and stakeholder communication and collaboration in all phases of the planning process. The Participation Plan itself must be prepared by the MPO with a 45-day public review and comment period. Similarly, States are required to have a documented public participation process.

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Name Description
Limited English Proficiency

This FHWA resource gives tips on how to engage low-literacy and limited-English-proficiency populations in transportation decisionmaking.

TPCB Public Engagement Resources

The Public Engagement focus area page is a one-stop shop for resources about public engagement and equity in transportation planning on the Transportation Planning Capacity Building (TPCB) website.

NTI Course: Public Involvement in Transportation Decisionmaking

National Transit Institute (NTI) course designed to provide an overview of public involvement techniques strategies.

NTI Webinar: Friends, Fans, and Followers: How Transit Agencies Use Social Media

This webinar presented the findings from TCRP Synthesis 99, Uses of Social Media in Public Transportation. The report explores use of social media among transit agencies in the United States and Canada.

Public Transportation Participation Pilot Program
TCRP Synthesis 99: Uses of Social Media in Public Transportation

This Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) synthesis report explores the use of social media among transit agencies and documents successful practices in the United States and Canada.

Environmental Justice
Transportation Research Board Committee on Public Involvement

The TRB Committee on Public Involvement in Transportation strives to provide meaningful opportunities for information development and exchange on public involvement for transportation agencies and other practitioners. This website provides the transportation community with information on research, conferences, publications, training, tools, and techniques related to public involvement in transportation.

Dots & Dashes: Piecing together Transit's Future

This Public Transportation Participation (PTP) report was developed by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC); it describes the "Dots and Dashes" game, a process Delaware Valley residents and stakeholders used to discuss their priorities for future investments in public transportation.