National Fuel Cell Bus Program

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List of Current Programs
More information about the National Fuel Cell Bus Program.
Fuel Cell Bus parked in lot About the National Fuel Cell Bus Program
Fuel Cell Bus on the road Why Fuel Cell Buses?

Learn about the relevance of fuel cell bus research.

Map Outline of the United States Non-Profit Consortia

Find out about the role of three non-profit consortia.

Fuel Cell Bus Engine Technical Projects

A complete list of current technical projects.

Closer view of the fuel cell within the buses Interested in More?

See our current published reports.

Council meeting with representatives Outreach Efforts

Sharing information about projects and  research results.

What's New for National Fuel Cell Buses?
  • U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces $13.1 Million To Advance the Adoption of Clean, Green Energy for Transit
    [press release]
  • Largest fleet of fuel cell buses in the U.S., currently being tested in Oakland, CA, and Hartford, CT
  • Existing commercial hybrid bus system adapted for fuel cells and being tested in San Francisco, CA

An American fuel cell bus loading passengers at a bus stop
The American Fuel Cell Bus. A new generation of powerful electric vehicles marries federal investments with domestic innovation and entrepreneurship.
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