Environmental Analysis & Review

FTA Environmental Rulemaking

The Environmental Analysis and Review website is a clearinghouse dedicated to providing all the necessary information to guide transit agencies, resource agencies, and the public through the environmental review process for transit projects and improvements that receive FTA funds. Here you will find detailed information on FTA’s environmental process and other related topics, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and other environmental policy via the menu bar on the right. This site also provides information on professional development opportunities, environmental stewardship activities, and a NEPA reference library.

Environmental Review Roles and Responsibilities

Within FTA, the FTA Regional Offices manage and participate in the environmental reviews of FTA-funded projects and have authority for the final environmental approvals. The Office of Planning and Environment supports the Regional Offices in the review of projects by providing in-house and contractor expertise on technical issues. The Office of Planning and Environment also provides technical assistance on general environmental protection and specific impact assessment methods including noise, vibration, and air quality to the Regional offices, as well as to project sponsors and the interested public.