Decisions issued under the pre-2008 regulations

2008 Charter Bus Decisions

Date  Decision Name  PDF  WORD
3-2-08  ADA vs. Rochester  PDF  DOC
9-26-08   Allerton Vs. Rock Island  PDF  DOC
4-14-08  Forell Limosine & Bus Service Vs. River Cities Transit  PDF


11-10-08  Forell Limosine & Bus Service vs. River Cities Transit  PDF  DOC
11-28-08  Forell Limosine & Bus Service vs. River Citites Transit Final  PDF  DOC
1-9-08  Imperial Decision  PDF  DOC
10-2-08  Imperial Travel  PDF  DOC
2-8-08  Price Vs. Wichita Transit Remedy-Funds Withheld  PDF  DOC

2007 Charter Bus Decisions

Date  Decision Name  PDF  WORD
7-9-07  Akron Metro Appeal Recon  PDF  DOC
4-12-07  Ann Arbor Decision   PDF  DOC
12-27-07  Illinois School Transportation Appeal Decision  PDF  DOC
10-16-07  Illinois School Transportation vs. Pekin Municipal Bus  PDF  DOC
12-4-07  Price vs. Wichita Transit   PDF  DOC
1-18-07  Service Tour Decision  PDF  DOC
2-7-07  Thompson Motorcoach Decision  PDF  DOC
12-31-07  United Motorcoach Decision  PDF  DOC
9-27-07  United Motorcoach Decision vs. Pee Dee   PDF  DOC 
7-5-07  United Motorcoach vs. City of Rome   PDF  DOC

2006 Charter Bus Decisions

Date  Decision Name  PDF  WORD
10-5-06  ABA vs. Rochester Decision  PDF  DOC 
9-8-06  Akron Appeal  PDF  DOC
3-22-06  Akron Metro  PDF  DOC
6-7-06  Allerton Appeal  PDF  DOC
10-5-06   Motorcoach vs. Charleston  PDF  DOC
4-19-06  TARTA  PDF  DOC
12-21-06  TARTA Appeal  PDF  DOC
10-30-06  Techumsa_September Winds Appeal  PDF  DOC
9-29-06  TLC, TARTA  PDF  DOC

2005 Charter Bus Decisions

Date  Decision Name  PDF  WORD
12-29-05  ABA Decision   PDF  DOC
2-8-05  Allerton Decision  PDF  DOC
10-4-05  Cowlitz Appeal  PDF  DOC
12-12-05  Evergreen Trails Decision  PDF  DOC
2-11-05  Evergreen Trails vs. King County  PDF  DOC
10-4-05  Gray Line Appeal  PDF  DOC
8-24-05  Indiana Trails vs. TARTA  PDF  DOC
10-4-05  Oleta Coach Appeal   PDF  DOC 
4-5-05  SWMC TTLSmRecon   PDF  DOC
8-31-05  TARTA  PDF  DOC
6-16-05  Tecumseh vs. Capital  PDF  DOC
11-8-05  TLC Charter Service Decision  PDF  DOC
11-10-05   TLC  PDF  DOC

2004 Charter Bus Decisions

Date  Decision Name  PDF  WORD
10-26-04  MATA  PDF  DOC
8-2-04   Oleeta vs. Champaign  PDF  DOC
7-14-04   RGRTA Decision  PDF  DOC 
2-4-04   September Winds   PDF  DOC
8-24-04   September Winds Motorcoach  PDF  DOC
2-24-04   September Winds vs. TARTA  PDF  DOC
1-15-04   Sun Line  PDF  DOC
11-24-04  SWMC TTLS Decision  PDF  DOC

2003 Charter Bus Decisions

Date  Decision Name  PDF  WORD
8-15-03  California Bus Association   PDF  DOC
9-16-03  California Bus Appeal   PDF  DOC
5-14-03   Classic Caddy   PDF  DOC
1-3-03  Desert Resort  PDF  DOC
4-28-03  Desert Resort   PDF  DOC
7-7-03  Desert Resort's Appeal  PDF  DOC
8-5-03   Desert Resort's Appeal  PDF  DOC
1-2-03  Kemp's Bus Appeal   PDF  DOC
6-16-03  Kemp's Appeal  PDF  DOC
3-28-03  Lewis Brothers  PDF  DOC
2003   Majestic  PDF  DOC
10-28-03   Motorcoach Marketing  PDF  DOC
8-5-03   Sun Line Appeal   PDF  DOC
7-7-03  Sun Line Appeal  PDF  DOC
10-23-03   Vandalia   PDF  DOC

2002 Charter Bus Decisions

Date  Decision Name  PDF  WORD
8-20-02  Cardinal Bus   PDF  DOC
10-11-02  Indian Trails  PDF  DOC
11-6-02  Indian Trails  PDF  DOC
9-18-02  Kemp Bus Service   PDF  DOC

2001 through 1996 Charter Bus Decisions

Date  Decision Name  PDF  WORD
10-11-01  Greater Cleveland   PDF  DOC
10-23-01  PACE   PDF  DOC
5-18-00  Ottumwa Transit Authority  PDF  DOC
11-9-00  Ramblin Express  PDF  DOC
5-24-00  United Limo  PDF  DOC
4-14-99  Indian Trails Decision  PDF  DOC
11-25-98  Hudson Bus Lines   PDF   DOC
2-6-97  California Bus Association   PDF  DOC
11-14-97   Greenfield   PDF  DOC 
10-10-96  Cape Ann Travel  PDF  DOC 
11-7-96  Cape Ann Tours and Trolleys  PDF  DOC