Figure 100: Number of Vehicles by Type (FY 1985-2001)

Figure 100 - Obligations for Vehicles: Number of Vehicles by Type, Fiscal Years 1985 - 2001. The four categories of obligations for each year are: Standard Buses, Buses Thirty Feet Long or Less, Vans/Station Wagons/Sedans, and Other. For the first five years, 1985 - 1989, the Standard Buses category had the largest share of obligations, with Buses that are Thirty Feet Long or Less as the second largest category. For the following twelve years, 1990 - 2001, the obligations for Standard Buses and Vans/Station Wagons/Sedans were both the largest categories for obligations, about equal to each other for the fiscal year. Although it grew in obligation over the span of seventeen years, the third biggest category for obligations has always been Buses Thirty Feet or Less. For the entire Seventeen Year Period, the Other category was the smallest obligation for each year.