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What is TERM Lite?

TERM Lite is an analysis tool designed to help transit agencies assess their:

TERM Lite's features, capabilities, and reports are available in this overview.

How Can TERM Lite Help Me?

Function Question Addressed TERM Output
SGR Monitoring Where are we today?
  • Current SGR backlog
  • Asset conditions
SGR Management (“What if” Analysis) Where can we be tomorrow?
  • Is backlog increasing or decreasing?
  • What level of investment is required to attain SGR in 10 years? …in 20 years?
Long-Term Capital Plan Support How should we prioritize limited investment dollars?
  • Multi-criteria prioritization rankings
  • Long term SGR plan

What do I Need to Run TERM Lite?

Your agency will require:

For helpful hints on running TERM Lite, please refer to the Quick Start User's Guide.

Release Notes

TERM Lite v2.0 Release Notes

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