New Freedom Designated Recipients

Under the New Freedom program, the chief executive officer of each State or an official designee must designate a public entity to be the recipient of New Freedom funds. In urbanized areas with less than 200,000 in population and in nonurbanized areas, a State agency designated by the governor (usually the State Department of Transportation) is the designated recipient. In urbanized areas over 200,000 in population, the chief executive officer of the State must select a designated recipient in consulatation with responsible local officials, and public transit providers in the urbanized area. The designated recipient is responsible for conducting the competitive selection process for New Freedom funds, applying to FTA for funding, passing through funds to subrecipients, and monitoring subrecipient activities (see FTA's New Freedom circular for a complete description of the role of the designated recipient).

The tables below indicate which designated recipients have been selected for States and urbanized areas of over 200,000 in population. FTA will update these lists as additional designated recipients are named.

More information on individual designated recipients, including points of contact, can be obtained by contacting the FTA Regional Office in the region corresponding to the state or urbanized area.

FTA Regional Office contacts can be found at

Designated Recipients for Small Urbanized Areas and Non-Urbanized Areas (Updated January 2009) (PDF)

Designated Recipients for Large Urbanized Areas (Updated April 2009) (PDF)

This section includes a list of New Freedom program designated recipients for States and large urbanized areas.