Joint Procurements

Q. Can the lead agency include the diesel/hybrid buses as part of this procurement even though diesel it's not allowed in the area? A couple of agencies have come together to do a joint bus procurement. The lead agency identified a need for gas/hybrid buses only. The other agencies need diesel/hybrid. The lead agency's area is not allowed to use diesel as dictated by the air quality resource board.

A. We see no reason your joint procurement cannot identify the various agencies participating and what their individual needs is expected to be. While your agency's needs will not include the diesel engines; other agencies have that need. The question arises, however, as to whether issuing a joint solicitation like this will limit competition. If not, we see no reason not to procure jointly. (Revised: September 9, 2009)


Minnesota Cooperative Purchasing Venture Letter (Posted: July 30, 2013)