Region 7

 map of Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas

Areas Served

Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas


Welcome! We are the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Region 7 Office, located in Kansas City, Missouri, serving the states of Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas (MINK) where excellent customer service is our top priority. We look forward to helping you plan, apply, execute, and complete transit projects in the MINK region under the various FTA programs.  It is our vision to serve you, the customers, and to make the public transportation services a mode of choice in the MINK region. 

Historical Data (2008)

In 2008, we were delighted with the opportunity to award $230.2 million in federal funds through 139 grants to 45 grantees involved with providing public transportation services. We begin in 2009 with 256 active projects, which, have a total investment of $88.3 million in federal funds.  Current data for each State can be found in the FTA Data Dashboard.

Contact Information



901 Locust Street
Suite 404
Kansas City, Missouri 64106

Phone: (816) 329-3920
Fax: (816) 329-3921


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