Administrator's Policy Letters

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  9/15/2015   LRT Vehicle Car Barrier Requirements
  8/20/2015   Public Transportation Safety Program’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
  7/31/2015   FTA’s Accident Investigation Role
  7/14/2015   Highway Trust Fund Deadline
  7/7/2015   Recent FTA Announcements Related to Buy America
  5/11/2015   Letter to Transit Industry about Surface Transportation Lapse
  8/5/2014   DOT Update on Status of Highway Trust Fund
  6/24/2014   Secretary Foxx highlights impending Highway Trust Fund shortfall
  6/12/2014   Safety Advisory for Verification of Rail Vehicle Safe Stopping Distances in Terminal Stations
  3/10/2014   Fiscal Year 2014 Apportionments, Allocations, and Program Information
  3/10/2014   Update to Urgent Safety Advisory
  2/21/2014   FTA Policy Statement: Hurricane Sandy Insurance
  12/31/2013   Urgent Safety Advisory: Enhanced Protections for Wayside Workers
  10/4/2013   Urgent Safety Advisory - Unintended Train Movements
  9/26/2013   Regarding a Potential FTA Shutdown
  7/3/2013   Announcement of Online Fatigue and Sleep Apnea Awareness Course
  5/13/2013   FTA’s Safety Management Systems (SMS) Framework
  3/8/2013   Clarification on Joint Procurements and “Piggybacking”
  2/7/2013   Actions to Establish and Finance State Safety Oversight Agency
  10/10/2012   FY 2013 Program Guidance and Funding Information Under MAP-21
  8/30/2012   Safety Letters to Governors from Secretary LaHood
  8/17/2012   Certifications and Disclosure of Lobbying Activities
  7/12/2012   Update on MAP-21
  3/22/2012   Curbing Transit Employee Distracted Driving
  2/8/2012   Triennial Review & Oversight Task Force
  1/25/2012   Streamlining the Federal New Starts/Small Starts Program
  1/20/2012   FY 2012 Appropriations