Chapter 2.1: Outline of the Financial Plan

FTA's assessment of financial plans requires consistent and comparable financial plans from project sponsors. To help project sponsors provide a complete and well-organized financial submission, project sponsors are required to produce financial submissions that adhere to the outline in Figure 2. The documentation provided by project sponsors to support their financial plans should be developed as part of the planning and project development process (systems planning, alternatives analysis, PE, Environmental Impact Statement, final design and construction). Each element of the financial plan is described in the following sections.

Figure 2: Financial Plan Outline for Transit Agencies

Financial Plan Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Description of the Project Sponsor and Funding Partners
    2. Description of the Project
    3. Summary of the Financial Plan
  2. Capital Plan
    1. Proposed Project Capital Plan
    2. Agency-Wide Capital Plan
  3. Operating Plan
    1. Operating Revenues
    2. Operating and Maintenance Costs
    3. Agency-Wide Operating Plan
  4. Cash Flow Analysis
    1. Twenty-Year Cash Flow Projection
    2. Financial Evaluation

Appendix (Reference Supporting Documentation)

  1. Summary of Regional Economic Forecasts
  2. Summary of Financial Condition of Project Sponsor
  3. Summary of Bus and Rail Fleet Management Plans