Chapter 2.7: Additional Documentation

The following documents should be available in support of the financial plan:

  1. Past three years' audited financial statements
  2. Commitment letters, contracts, agreements, legislative referendums, joint development agreements, or other documents evidencing commitment of funds
  3. Latest bonding prospectus
  4. Rail vehicle and bus fleet management plans
  5. Regional economic forecast documentation
  6. Description of innovative financing techniques (e.g., innovative funding sources or financing techniques to be used to support the project or to be implemented as part of a larger system-wide program)
  7. Correspondence or other documentation indicating local source's "intent to commit" if no formal commitment or programming of local funding is yet in place
  8. Regional Long Range Transportation Plan
  9. Regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
  10. Major Investment Study (MIS) or Alternatives Analysis (AA) and Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS or FEIS)
  11. Project finance plans or project management plans for each major project
  12. Latest Project Management Oversight Contractor (PMOC) monthly or spot report
  13. Most recent strategic plan or budget