Funding By State

This page provides state-by-state analysis of FTA apportionments and allocations.  Funds under the Section 5307, 5309,5316, and 5317 formula programs are apportioned to Urbanized Areas (UZAs) and some of these UZAs span multple states. The following table pro-rates funds allocated to these multi-state UZAs into their component states on the basis of the population and National Transit Databae (NTD) service data attributable to these states. However, the designated recipient responsible for sub-allocating formula funds may choose to use a different methodology. For precise information regarding each state's share of funds allocated to multi-state UZAs, please contact the FTA regional office for the UZA in queston (a link to FTA's regional offices can be found on the home page of

FTA Allocations for Formula and Discretionary Programs by State FY 1998-2014 (Excel)

The tables in the links below provide more detailed information regarding each State's share of apportionments and allocations. Formula apportionments made to urbanized areas spanning multiple states appear in the tables for each of the states in the UZA (these funds are not pro-rated between the multiple states in the UZA).