Changes to FTA Fiscal Year 2000 Section 5309 Bus Allocations

In a Federal Register Notice published on December 16, 1999, entitled "FTA Fiscal Year 2000 Apportionments, Allocations and Program Information; Notice of Changes and Corrections," FTA announced changes to previously published program allocations and apportionments for fiscal year (FY) 2000. The notice advised grantees of technical corrections and adjustments to FY 2000 project amounts for the Section 5309 New Starts Program, Section 5309 Bus Program, and National Research Program -- after applying the government-wide reduction required under the Fiscal Year 2000 Consolidated Appropriations Act.

Subsequent to publication of the December 16, 1999 notice, FTA determined that the aforementioned reduction was also to be applied to the four (4) new projects specified in the Consolidated Appropriations Act. A list of these projects was included in the December 16, 1999 notice and on page 7 of "Table 9 Revised FY 2000 Section 5309 Bus Allocations"[Table 9 PDF], which is posted on the FTA website. The chart below lists the projects and the current adjusted amounts, after application of the government-wide reduction.

State Project Revised Allocation
AK Anchorage, Alaska 2001 Special Olympics Winter Games buses and bus facilities


CA Santa Clarita, California bus maintenance facility


MN Twin Cities, Minnesota metropolitan buses and bus facilities


NE Lincoln, Nebraska bus maintenance facility


Revised Total


For further information contact Patricia Levine, Director, Office of Resource Management and State Programs, at (202) 366-2053.

Last Modified: Wednesday, December 28, 2005