PMO Terminology

The following terms are used in Project Management Oversight (PMO).  The following is a description of the Phases and Categories.


Pre-Preliminary Engineering (Pre-PE) or Alternative Analysis

This phase of the New Starts process involves performing the necessary studies and analysis so as to make a decision on the type of transit system to build and also to define the basic elements of the project.

Preliminary Engineering (PE)

This is the early phase of Engineering work and quite important because this is the back bone of the entire Design elements. Preliminary Engineering constitutes a significant portion of the design work and outlines the fundamental aspects of the Engineering work.

Final Design (FD)

This is the last phase of the Engineering Work prior to the start of Construction. Bidding documents, which form the basis of construction activities are produced at this phase.

Construction (CON)

This is the final phase of the Engineering Work and constitutes the implementation of Preliminary and Final Design products. Once it is all completed, the project is ready for Start-Up.


Start-up refers to when all construction activities are completed and the system is ready to be opened up for revenue service.


The categories associated with the above phases are Cost, Management, Schedule and Scope