The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

What's New

The fourth quarter 1512 reporting period (October 1 to December 31) for 2012 is here. The report submission period begins on January 1 and runs through midnight EST on January 14, 2013.

FTA has awarded 100 percent of its ARRA funding. Read the News Release for more information.

ARRA Overview

Since President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) [Pub. L. 111-5] in February 2009, FTA has awarded 1,072 grants for over $8.78 billion, including FHWA flex funding, and all the transit formula and discretionary funds provided by ARRA have now been "obligated" or committed to specific transit projects. Once funds are obligated to a project, contracts can be bid, workers can be hired, buses and rail cars can be purchased, and work can begin or continue on transit construction projects that create jobs and drive economic growth. Recovery Act transit projects have already generated enough work to employ thousands of people nationwide and activity is expected to ramp up even further in the months ahead as new projects break ground and equipment orders are fulfilled.

ARRA includes appropriations and tax law changes totaling approximately $787 billion to support government wide efforts to stimulate the economy. Over $48 billion of those funds are being invested in transportation infrastructure, including $8.4 billion for transit capital improvements made available through FTA programs. In addition, transit has benefited from $443 million in flexible funding transferred from highway program allocations as well as discretionary allocations under a $1.5 billion multimodal program administered by the Secretary of Transportation. FTA has published formula apportionments, discretionary allocations, or notices of funding availability for the entire $8.4 billion appropriated for transit programs.

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Funds Obligated

Pie chart shows 83.6% of funds have been disbursed, and 16.4% not yet disbursed.

FTA has awarded 983 grants for a total of $8.33 billion. Of these funds, $6.96 billion has been disbursed to grant recipients and an additional $1.37 billion remains obligated but not yet disbursed.

Note: Pie chart does not include FHWA funds Transferred to FTA.

List of ARRA grants awarded [FTA ARRA grants awarded (Excel)]

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