FTA Programs

The following pages list the major grant programs that FTA sponsors. There are two types of grant programs.  Formula grant programs are funded to States based on formulas of population.  Discretionary grant programs are awarded based on meeting application requirements and selected based on selected criteria specific to each.  Each grant program is referred to by name and most also by a number that correlates to the section number of Title 49 of the United States Code. The Clean Fuels Formula Program, for example, can be found in 49 USC §5308.  [Note: Amendments by SAFETEA-LU (Public Law 109-59) to FTA grant programs have not yet been codified in the United States Code.  Refer to the SAFETEA-LU Fact Sheets under each grant program for a summary of the changes.]

Each grant program listing has an overview that describes the program and contact information.  In addition statutory references, what kind of funding is available, when allocation of funding can be expected, and match requirements are often available.

Formula Grant Programs     Discretionary Grant Programs (Competitive)

Understanding FTA and Its Programs (webinar)
Understanding FTA and Its Programs (Powerpoint PDF)