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Audit Questions - Questions asked during an FTA Drug and Alcohol Compliance Audit August, 2011
Presentations from the 6th Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference May, 2011
Urine Specimen Collection Guidelines for the U.S. Department of Transportation Workplace Drug Testing Programs October, 2010
Presentations from the FTA Substance Abuse Training Sessions June, 2010
DOT's 10 Steps to Collection Site Security and Integrity June, 2009
Employer Page - Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy and Compliance (ODAPC) page for safety-sensitive transportation employers 2008
FTA Drug and Alcohol Frequently Asked Questions - Formerly Drug & Alcohol forum related to the FTA Drug and Alcohol project September, 2007
Policy Requirements Checklist - Requirements for a valid Substance Abuse Policy
Microsoft Word Format HTML Format
June, 2005
Reasonable Suspicion Referral for Drug and Alcohol Training - Trainer/Trainee guide for transit supervisors (2004 revision) and training video in Windows Media format 2004