6th Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference

FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference
Session Synopses and Presentations

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) hosted the 6th Annual Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference on April 5–7, 2011 in St. Louis, MO.

Session Synopses Presentation
Beginner Drug and Alcohol Program Manager (DAPM) Training
Speakers: Joe Lofgren and George Gilpatrick
Session Description: Learn about the history, basic requirements, and best practices of FTA drug and alcohol testing.
This session is aimed at the true beginner, and will walk participants through the key steps required to build and maintain a complete DOT-regulated employee testing program. Topics include regulatory overview, your company policy, categories of testing, and the return-to-duty process.
How to Review Your Collection Site for Compliance
Speaker: Joe Lofgren
Session Description: Learn the ins and outs of mock collections with an FTA auditor. In this session, you will learn key strategies for gauging your collection site’s compliance, how to ask the right questions of your collectors, and how to follow up and maintain compliance. Topics include the review of federal forms, physical site security and integrity, and an in-depth discussion of new Part 40 requirements.
Jeopardy: How Well do You Know the FTA Drug and Alcohol Program?
Speaker: Mike Redington
Session Description: Watch your peers participate in a Jeopardy-style game show or request to be one of the contestants. One of the most popular game shows in history with its unique answer-and-question format will be revamped to showcase contestant knowledge of DOT and FTA drug and alcohol regulations. A panel of DOT/FTA rulemaking and audit team officials will serve as judges.
Mock Collection and Evidential Breath Testing (EBT) Device Demonstration
Speaker: Tiffany Ellefson
Session Description: This session will provide the latest information on any current changes to DOT collection procedures for both urine (drug) and alcohol testing. The presenter will also demonstrate an actual breath test and residual mouth alcohol screen and allow the audience the opportunity to spot the flaws in an incorrectly-performed mock urine collection process.
Managing Your Transit Contractors
Speakers: Russ Parish and Vicky Warner
Session Description: In managing transit systems and transit contractors for drug and alcohol compliance a solid oversight program complimented with ongoing technical support is necessary in keeping programs current with regulatory changes, interpretations and industry best practices. This session identifies some of the methods utilized to conduct ongoing oversight and critical resources to ensure current, relevant material is appropriately distributed. Each program must be tailored to fit the individual needs and circumstances of the organizations implementing them, but the value in the lessons learned, information available and resources can simplify the process for anyone looking to implement such programs. This session will also include tools for state-wide and consortium oversight.
The Relationship between Transit Systems and Third Party Administrators (TPAs)
Speakers: George Gilpatrick (FTA Auditor) and Carol Law (TPA)
Session Description: This session will discuss the use of TPA services, what TPAs can do for your system, and the advantages and disadvantages to using TPA services; including the push/pull between a good client/bad TPA and a good TPA/bad client. Also, the session will discuss the importance of a contract between the two and what specifically the contract should entail.
Post-Accident Thresholds
Speakers: Ed Vanderploeg and Jack Mastrangelo
Session Description: This session will cover the FTA Post-Accident Thresholds, and when agencies should and should not conduct an FTA post-accident test. In addition, session participants will be presented with a variety of testing scenarios. Each scenario is based on real-life audit findings.
Q&A with the Experts: FTA, FMCSA, and ODAPC
Speakers: Jerry Powers (FTA Drug and Alcohol Program Manager), Jim Keenan (FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Program Manager), Mark Snider (ODAPC), and John Morrison (FTA Auditor)
Session Description: This session will consist of an open forum for asking questions of several DOT drug and alcohol industry experts.
Developing Tools for the Random Selection Process
Speakers: Mike Redington and Brian Baker
Session Description: This session is designed to provide instruction on the regulatory requirements of FTA random selections, present methods and options of how to perform compliant random selections, provide examples of random selection methods in use, identify and clarify some of the common misconceptions, and demonstrate available tools for making cost-effective random selections. This session will include a demonstration and each participant will receive a package of FTA-developed random testing graphing and charting software.
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Reasonable Suspicion Training
Speakers: Dr. Howard Taylor and J. Mac Allen, C-SAPA
Session Description: This two-hour session will cover the requirements for Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion training per 49 CFR Part 655.14 (b) (2). Those requirements include training on the physical, behavioral, and performance indicators of probable drug use, and the physical, behavioral, performance, and speech indicators of probable alcohol misuse. Certificates of Completion will be provided upon session completion and will be mailed to participants.
FTA vs. FMCSA: A Regulatory Comparison
Speakers: Ed VanderPloeg and Jim Keenan
Session Description: Learn from key oversight personnel about the important commonalities and differences in the FMCSA and FTA testing regulations. Jim Keenan is the Program Manager for FMCSA’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Program, and Ed VanderPloeg is a senior auditor in the FTA’s Drug and Alcohol Audit Program. Topics will include safety-sensitive personnel designations, testing category overlaps and separations, and best practices for dual-program management.
The Role of the Medical Review Officer (MRO)
Speaker: Greg Elam, M.D.
Session Description: In this session, the speaker will discuss the role of the Medical Review Officer (MRO) under DOT rules, and tell stories from his 15 years as a full-time MRO. Included will be specific information about drugs tested and current adulteration techniques. The session will also address the new rules as they relate to the MRO function.
The Role of the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)
Speaker: Jeannie James
Session Description: Participants in this session will learn the core tasks required of the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). They will also explore reasonable expectations about the nature and style of the relationships between a SAP and others in the drug and alcohol testing process. Any service agent or manager will benefit from this session.
DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Updates
Speaker: Mark Snider
Session Description: This session will outline the role of the Office of the Secretary’s Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance (ODAPC). In addition, this session will cover the Observed Collection Rule that went into effect August 30, 2009, as well as new DOT testing regulations that went into effect October 1, 2010 regarding the new Federal Drug Testing CCF that governs how laboratories are to report confirmed positive drug/drug metabolite quantitations to the MRO. Other current topics in relation to 49 CFR Part 40 will also be discussed.
FTA Drug and Alcohol Audits: Tales from the Field and Experiences of Your Peers
Speaker: John Spelman and Jack Mastrangelo
Session Description: Audit Team Leader John Spelman and senior auditor Jack Mastrangelo will provide insights, experiences, cautions, and lessons learned from the audit field. The auditors will also solicit input from attendees who have had firsthand experience as a recipient of an FTA Drug and Alcohol Compliance Audit. This session will aid transit systems in avoiding common pitfalls, inefficiencies, and non-compliance.
Rx/OTC Medications Simulator Study Results
Speaker: John Morrison
Session Description: The final results of the FTA/Volpe Center’s pioneering study concerning bus operator impairment and prescription drugs will be presented. In this session, attendees will see actual video of the impaired performance of safety-sensitive employees using a state-of-the-art bus simulator. This study will aid attendees in shaping prescription and over-the-counter drug policies.
Issues and Challenges Facing DAPMs Today: A Candid Discussion with Your Peers
Speaker: Robbie Sarles
Session Description: Networking with your peers is not only a great way to share resources and information; it can also be a valuable tool for sharing your ‘trials and tribulations’ with counterparts who understand what you face every day as a DAPM. Join this hands-on session that will also provide a forum for sharing practical solutions that have been implemented and tested “in the trenches.”
Oh No! What do I do? Designated Employer Representative (DER) Scenarios
Speakers: George Gilpatrick and Joe Lofgren
Session Description: In this session, two senior Audit Team Leaders will present actual scenarios from the transit industry and the actions and responses taken by DER’s and DAPM’s. Attendees may be new to their positions or they may be seasoned professionals, having worked in their field for many years. This session will provide specific case studies that may help participants develop action plans and refine managerial capabilities in the drug and alcohol field.
PowerPoint: What Do I Do? Scenarios for DER’s 
DOT Collector Qualification Training and Proficiency Demonstrations
Speakers: Leila Procopio-Makuh, Manny Chavez, and Lorri Smith
Session Description: This class will prepare participants to conduct urine specimen collections in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation's Drug Testing Procedures Rule: 49 CFR Part 40. Upon successful completion of the class, you will be a DOT-qualified urine specimen collector. The class could potentially assist DAPMs with the spreading of random tests and after hours' collections.
PowerPoint: DOT Collector Qualification Training and Proficiency Demonstrations 
Rx/OTC Medications Panel Discussion and Introduction of FTA’s Rx/OTC Medications Toolkit Update
Moderator: Robbie Sarles
Panelists: Frank Capuano, Carol Holben, and Vicky Warner
Session Description:
A panel of professionals will discuss their experiences with implementing Rx/OTC Medication Policies and Procedures at their systems. The recently updated FTA Rx/OTC Medications Toolkit of Best Practices will also be unveiled.
PowerPoint: FTA Prescription/Over-the-Counter Medication Toolkit
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PowerPoint: Rx & OTC Medications by Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority
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PowerPoint: Rx/OTC Medications by Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority
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PowerPoint: Indiana’s Rx/OTC & Fitness for Duty Program
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Evaluation of FTA’s Drug and Alcohol Program: Cost/Benefit Analysis
Speaker: Jerry Powers
Session Description: This session will present the results of a Substance Abuse Program and Methods of Evaluation study conducted by the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center in fiscal year 2010. The study determined the progress of the Drug and Alcohol Compliance Program in meeting USDOT and FTA strategic goals and objectives. Utilizing 11 years of data and 15 years of experience administering the program, the assessment demonstrates the effectiveness of the FTA Drug and Alcohol Program and the ability of transit agencies to contribute significant economic benefits to both industry and society as a whole by effectively enforcing the regulations.
PowerPoint: Evaluation of FTA Drug Abuse Testing Program 
DOT Testing of Breath Alcohol Measuring Devices and the Ensuing Legal Challenges
Speaker:  Ed Conde
PowerPoint: Alcohol Countermeasures Support