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Latest Research Publications

The Federal Transit Administration Office of Research, Innovation, and Demonstration (TRI) is currently finalizing the 2015 MAP-21 Section 5312 Research Report. The report highlights and provides detailed project descriptions for FTA’s research achievements as required by statute. In 2015, TRI managed a portfolio of over $130 million in projects across three strategic research priority areas: safety, asset management/innovation, and mobility. The final report will be posted as soon as it is completed.

Table of Reports
Report No. Full Report Report Summary
0086 WMATA Energy Storage Demonstration Project Photo of the interior of a WMATA Metro station
0085 TriMet Streetcar Prototype - Final Report Photo of TriMet prototype streetcar on its tracks
0084 Evaluation of Transit Bus Turn Warning Systems for Pedestrians and Cyclists Photo of a busy street corner with pedestrians in a crosswalk next to a city bus
0083 Rail Vehicle Qualification Test Compendium Photo of a rail vehicle on the tracks at a rail station
0082 Dallas Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Transit Vehicle Real - Time Data Demonstration, Final Report Phot of interestate traffic looking southbound from Galatyn Bridge in Dallas
0081 Accessible Transit Services for All Photo of a woman in a wheelchair being assisted in alighting by the driver of a transit vehicle
0080 Promoting Employment in Transit Construction Projects by Members of Minority and Low Income Communities Photo showing two passengers boarding a bus at a bust stop
0079 Evaluation of Regional Real-time Transit Communications and Data Information Sharing in the National Capital Region Photo of Metro Bus loading passengers
0078 State of Bus Safety in the U.S.: Summary of Federal and State Regulations Photo of two buses side by side on a busy street
0077 Integrated Corridor Management Transit Vehicle Real-Time Data Demonstration: Dallas Case Study Photo of passengers boarding a light rail vehicle
0076 Transit Climate Change Adaptation Assessment/Asset Management Pilot for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority Metropolitan Atlanta Regional Transit Authority Pilot Project
0075 Sound Transit Climate Risk Reduction Project Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority Pilot Project
0074 San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) Climate Change Adaptation Assessment Pilot San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District Pilot Project
0073 Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Climate Change Adaptation Pilot Project Report Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
0072 Gulf Coast Climate Change Adaptation Pilot Study - Final Report Galveston Island Transit, Tampa HART
0071 A Vulnerability and Risk Assessment of SEPTA’s Regional Rail Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)
0070 An Integrated Approach to Climate Adaptation at the Chicago Transit Authority Chicago Transit Authority Pilot Project
0069 Transit and Climate Change Adaptation: Synthesis of FTA-Funded Pilot Projects Transit and Climate Change Adaptation:
0068 Limited English Proficiency Accessibility Program: Demonstration Program Limited English Proficiency Accessibility Program:
0067 National Study on Carless and Special Needs Populations National Study on Carless and Special Needs Populations
0066 Evaluating Transportation Equity: An Intermetropolitan Comparison of Regional Accessibility and Urban Form Evaluating Transportation Equity
0065 Lower Savannah Aging, Disability & Transportation Resource Center: Regional Travel Management Coordination Center (TMCC) Model and Demonstration Project - Final Report

Photo of coordination center showing array of computers and operator
0064 Transit Investments for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction Program: Second Assessment Report Picture of Sound Transit Light Rail Vehicle
0063 Kent, Ohio, Traveler Management Coordination Center (TMCC) Project - Final Report Photo of three people stng inside a bus

Rail Transit Shared Use and Control Systems Study

Photo of Southbound River Line meeting NS 39G and NS65W at Cove Road showing three locomotives
0061 Model Orlando Regionally Efficient Travel Management Coordination Center (MORE TMCC) - Phase II Final Report Photo taken at night showing the LYNX central transit terminal in Orlando
0060 Review and Evaluation of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) for Electric Transit Applications Photo of the University of Utah' WAVE all-electric bus

2012 Statistical Summaries - FTA Grant Assistance Programs

Photograph of liht rail vehicle being boarded by a passanger
0058 UWR/MSAA Demonstration of Coordinated Human-Service Transportation Models: Phase II—Phased Implementation Final Report Photo of a Montachusett Area Regional Transit Authority (MART) paratransit vehicle
0057 Planning for Transit-Supportive Development: A Practitioner’s Guide - Section 5: Local Planning and Transit-Supportive Development Photo of Tampa's TECO Line historic replica streecar
0056 Planning for Transit-Supportive Development: A Practitioner’s Guide - Section 4: Corridor Planning and Transit-Supportive Development Photo of Portland Transit Mall with cyclists crossing the street
0055 Planning for Transit-Supportive Development: A Practitioner’s Guide - Section 3: Regional Vision Planning and Transit-Supportive Development Photo of rail station at Renaissance Hotel and Conference Center in Richardson, Texas
0054 Planning for Transit-Supportive Development: A Practitioner’s Guide - Section 2: General Transit-Supportive Development Planning Topics Photo of Plaza at Archstone Del Mar transit-supportive development
0053 Planning for Transit-Supportive Development: A Practitioner’s Guide - Section 1: Introduction Photo of Fruitvale Transit Village Plaza in San Fracisco
0052 Planning for Transit-Supportive Development: A Practitioner’s Guide - Executive Summary Photo of Plaza at Archostone Del Mar transit-supportive development

Bus Safety Study: A Report to Congress

Photo of passengers debarking a bus at a stop near the U.S. Capitol Building

Trends in Transit-Oriented Development 2000 - 2010

Image of passengers boarding a Metra train ear a station in northeastern Illinois

Automated Track Video Inspection Pilot Project

Photo of a TGC4 car

Transit Vehicle Emissions Program Final Report

Photo of bus being tested at the Larsen Institute Vehicle Research and Testing Laboraoy.

American Fuel Cell Bus Project: First Analysis Report

Photograph of SunLine's American Fuel Cell Bus.

Transit Track Worker Safety Protection Demonstration Project

Photo of a track worker tagging in using his Radio Frequency Identificaion embedded in a wristbnd.

An Assessment of the Business Case for Communications-Based Train Control

Photo of passegers f the main BTB platform

Dots & Dashes: Piecing Together Transit’s Future

Photo of area ma showing the hands of people working around it
0043 Managing Railcar Maintenance - A Primer on Practices and Improvement Opportunities for the U.S. Transit Industry Phoo of rail cars in a maintenance facility

LYMMO BRT: 15 Years Later

Photo of LYNX LYMMO bus

Mobility Enhancements on a Multi-Nodal Urban Campus

Photoraph of University of New Mexico shuttle bus
0040 Louisville Region Demonstration of Travel Management Coordination Center: System Pre-Deployment Preparation, Final Report Photo of dispatcherts at a transit agency call center

2011 Statistical Summaries - FTA Grant Assistance Programs

Photo of a transit bus at a station

2010 Statistical Summaries - FTA Grant Assistance Programs

Photo of passengers at a comuter rail station

Rail Capacity Improvement Study for Commuter Operations

Photograph of a commuter boarding a train
0036 Application of Information Technology to Transportation Logistics and Security at Northern Kentucky University Photograph of a TANK bus

Rail Capacity Improvement Study for Heavy Rail Transit Operations

Photograph of a train in a rail yard
0034 Community-Oriented BRT: Urban Design, Amenities, and Placemaking photograph of a covered bus stop fcility with passengers boarding
0033 Multi-Modal Trip Planning System: Northeastern Illinois Regional Transportation Authority Photograph of downtown Chicago showing buildings, traffic, and an elevated train
0032 LAFLA Public Transportation Public Participation Pilot Program: Final Technical Report Photograp of a large group of bicyclists on a Los Angeles street

Walking to Transit

Pothograph of pedestrians participating in a transporttion surveyin downtown Boston

Transportation Needs of Disadvantaged Populations: Where, When, and How?

Photo of Passengers boarding a transit bus in Miami, Florida
0029 Zero-Sulfur Diesel Fuel from Non-Petroleum Resources: The Key to Reducing U.S. Oil Imports Test vehicle at selfridge Air National Guard Base
0028 Wayside Charging and Hydrogen Hybrid Bus: Extending the Range of Electric Shuttle Buses Photograph of a bus being fueled with hyrogen

Asset Management Guide

Photo of passeger ticket counters in Grand Central Station in New York City

Urban Maglev Research Program – Updated Lessons Learned

Photograph o the MagneMotion system instaled as a gideway.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Statistical Summaries

Metro train as station with doors open

Transit Bus Applications of Lithium Ion Batteries: Progress and Prospects

Photograph of the Foothill Transit Proterra Ecoliner BE35 electric bus, shown charging a station from an overhead FastFill induction charger

Transit Asset Inventory Development and Integration

Photograph of a St. Louis Metro Transit vehicle
0022 Land Use Impacts of Bus Rapid Transit: Phase II—Effects of BRT Station Proximity on Property Values along the Boston Silver Line Washington Street Corridor Photo of the Lenox Street inbound station, showing a covered seating and an information kiosk

Crashworthiness Evaluation of Mass Transit Buses

Image of a kinematic of two instances of time during a sled dynamic test, showing two occupants and two child seats

Connecticut Nutmeg Fuel Cell Bus Project: First Analysis Report

Photo of a Connecticut Nutmeg fuel cell buses in operation at CTtransit
0019 Health and Productivity of Commuter Railroad Employee Involved in Critical Incidents Picture of a Rail Crossing Sign
0018 Design & Development of the LCO-140H Series Hydraulic Hybrid Low Floor Transit Bus Image of Altair LCO-140H bus with a large exterior graphic that says "World Fist Series Hybrid Hydraulic Bus - Cuts Fuel Use in Half"

LYNX Community Advocacy & Service Engagement (CASE) Project Final Report

Photo of Orland's LYNCX Station

Transit Investments for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction Program: First Assessment Report

MARTA Solar Canopy at the Laredo Bus Facility, Decatur, Georgia

Construction Project Management Handbook

Heavy machinery digging out at a construction site

FTA Fuel Cell Bus Program: Research Accomplishments through 2011

Three fuel cell buses at 2011 Fuel Cell Bus Workshop, San Francisco, CA, February 2011

Air-Steam Hybrid Engine: An Alternative to Internal Combustion

BRASH test vehicle with bus in the background
0012 Remote Infrared Audible Signage (RIAS) Pilot Program Report Image of a sign for the bus parking location for the Green River and Timberline routes that Sound Transit Services
0011 Low Cost Carbon Fiber Technology Development for Carbon Fiber Composite Applications Image of the periodic table display for C, Carbon
0010 Cedar Avenue Driver Assist System Evaluation Report FTA0010 Research Report
0009 Peer-to-Peer Information Exchange on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Bus Priority Best Practices FTA0009 Research Report Summary
0008 Safe Transit in Share Use FTA0008 Research Report Summary
0007 Preparedness and Catastrophic Event Management for the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area FTA0007 Research Report Summary
0006 Evolution of Intelligent Transportation Systems for Mobility Management and Coordination Serving California’s Rural Frontier FTA0006 Research Report Summary
0005 Crashworthiness Evaluation of Light Rail Vehicle Interiors FTA0005 Research Report Summary
0004 Metro Orange Line BRT Project Evaluation FTA0004 Research Report Summaryn
0003 National Fuel Cell Bus Program: Proterra Fuel Cell Hybrid Bus Report, Columbia Demonstration FTA0003 Research Report Summary
0002 Miami Urban Partnership Agreement (UPA) Pines Boulevard Transit Signal Priority Evaluation Report FTA0002 Research Report Summary
0001 Flooded Bus Barns and Buckled Rails: Public Transportation and Climate Change Adaptation FTA0001 Research Report Summary