Intelligent Transportation Systems for Transit

Intelligent Transportation Systems are techniques and methods for relieving congestion, improving road and transit safety, and increasing economic productivity.  During the last few decades, there have been rapid advances in information and communications technology.  Many transit agencies have employed a number of these different technologies in order to supplement or enhance the transportation services they offer to the public.   Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) encompass a variety of different technology based systems.  These are divided into two categories. 

Intelligent infrastructure systems

Intelligent vehicle systems

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The Federal Transit Administration and ITS

The Federal Transit Administration supports the use of ITS to further enhance public transportation service in the United States, which it does through the ITS Transit Program.

The mission of the FTA’s ITS Transit Program is to support America’s public transportation systems by leading the innovative development and application of ITS technologies through research, operational tests/deployments, evaluation, training, and outreach.  FTA supports this mission in coordination and cooperation with the transit industry.

Program Goals

The primary goals of the ITS Transit Program include: