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Transportation Tomorrow

Project Description

When the Transportation Tomorrow project was initiated in 1996, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) was one of many transportation modes under consideration. By 1998, it was decided to pursue Rapid Transit and a broad corridor was selected. A year later, the modes were narrowed to Light Rail Transit (LRT) or BRT. By the end of 2000, a decision was made to continue preliminary engineering based on an LRT system.

However, BRT remains part of the overarching Transportation Tomorrow project in three ways:

Because of TARCís continued interest in BRT, our project remains affiliated with the BRT demonstration program sponsored by the FTA.

For more information about Transportation Tomorrow, contact J. Barry Barker, Executive Director of TARC, 1000 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40203. He can be reached by phone at 502-561-5100 or email at jbarrybarker@ridetarc.org.

Updated November 5, 2002