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Bus Rapid Transit Project, San Pablo and Telegraph/International/East 14th Corridors

Project Description

AC Transit's current Bus Rapid Transit projects includes implementation of the 72 San Pablo Rapid Bus and an ongoing study for a Bus Rapid Transit Project on the Telegraph/International/E. 14th corridor.

Implementation of 72 San Pablo Rapid Bus

The 72 San Pablo Rapid Bus Project is the first of several planned implementations of Rapid Bus Projects in the AC Transit System. Scheduled for completion in June 2003, the 72 Rapid Bus Route will extend 16 miles throughout seven cities and two counties.


This project includes the implementation of several BRT attributes such as:

AC Transit has been working closely with the local County Congestion Management Agencies, through the San Pablo Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Policy Advisory Committee (PAC), to implement this 72 San Pablo Rapid Bus Project. Bus stop locations, shelter design, and traffic signal priority are being coordinated through the TAC and PAC to ensure that community concerns are identified and addressed.

Contact Information:
Jon Twichell,
Manager, Short Term Planning and Implementation
1600 Franklin Street, Oakland CA 94612
Phone 510-891-7253
Fax 510-891-7107

Bus Rapid Transit Project on Telegraph/International/E. 14th corridor

In August 2001, the AC Transit District Board of Directors selected Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) as the preferred alternative for the Telegraph/International/E. 14th corridor. This corridor connects Downtown Berkeley, the University of California, Downtown Oakland, Downtown San Leandro and Bayfair Mall. Existing bus lines in the corridor carry about 40,000 passengers per day. The decision was reached following completion of a two-year Major Investment Study that examined light rail transit, low cost bust improvements in addition to BRT.

The plan calls for BRT capital improvements that would reduce travel times by up to one third and improve service reliability. The project would have the following features:

The plan also calls for an early implementation of traffic signal priority and some bus stop improvements as a first phase.

AC Transit Web site for the Telegraph/International/E. 14th BRT.

The project is included in the Regional Transportation Plan and the Regional Transportation Expansion Program. As part of this process, potential funding sources for capital improvements were also identified. As of December 2001, the Telegraph/International/E. 14th project is now a fully funded Tier 1 project for $151 million.

As part of this overall funding package, Alameda County Measure B funds (½ % sales tax for transportation) will be used to complete the Phase II study and for construction of some elements of the project such as signal priority and stop relocation. The Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority (ACTIA) Board recently voted to approve $20 million in Measure B funds for the project.

In Fall 2002 AC Transit will begin environmental clearance for the BRT project through a joint NEPA/CEQA Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (EIS/EIR). To permit the quick implementation of traffic signal priority and stop relocations, a Categorical Exclusion (CE) would be prepared prior to completion of the EIS/EIR. The CE will be completed in 9 months.

Each of the three corridor cities, Berkeley, Oakland and San Leandro has passed council resolutions supporting the project. In addition, the cities have been working to integrate the Bus Rapid Transit project into their general plans, transportation and development strategies and to coordinate individual city-sponsored projects with the BRT project.

Contact Information: Joan Martin,
Manager, Capital Planning & Grant Administration
Alameda Contra Costa Transit District
1600 Franklin Street
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 510-891-7253
Fax: 510-891-7107

Tina Konvalinka,
Manager, Long Range Planning
Alameda Contra Costa Transit District
1600 Franklin Street
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 510-891-4754
Fax: 510-891-7107

updated July 29, 2002 

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