U.S./Africa Transportation Workshop, "Developing Sustainable Transportation Systems," Arusha, Tanzania, August 26 - 27, 2009


Welcome Address and Offical Ceremony

Welcome Address by Secretary General East Africa Community, Juma Mwapuchu
Welcome Address by U.S. Embassy, Emily Shaffer, Economic and Commercial Officer.  Presentation.
Keynote Address, Minister of Infrastructure and Development, Honorable Eng. Abdulrazaq A. Ali, Permanent Secretary , Transport Ministry of Kenya
Introduction of U.S. Delegation

Session #1 - Releiving Urban Congestion - Moderator:  Permanent Secretary, Republic of Kenya, Eng. Abdulrezaq A. Ali

1.  Urban Congestion in African Cities - Godfrey Wandera, Commissioner of Transport Planning, Ministry of Works and Transport.  Presentation  

2.  Transportation Planning and Design in Practice - Dr. Adiele Nwankwo, Senior Vice President, Parsons Brinckerhoff.  Presentation.

3.  Example of a Successful Project in East Africa, Developing the Dar Bus Rapid Transit System - Eng. Enoch Kitandu, Dar-es-Salaam Bus Rapid Transit System.  Presentation.

4.  Example of Successful Project in the U.S. - Urban Transportation Development in Houston, Texas - Shirley DeLibero, President DeLibero Transporation Strategies.  Presentation.

Session #2 - Transportation for Vulnerable Populations and Road and Passenger Safety - Moderator:  Permanent Secretary, Republic of Rwanda, Marie Claire Mukasine

          1.  The Need for Transportation Services for Vulnerable Populations in Africa - Kaganzi Rutachwamgyo, Disability Leader.  Presentation.

          2.  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Accessible Transportation in the United States - Roscoe Brown, Director of Coordinated Transporation Programs,      Indianapolis Public Transportation Group.  Presentation.  

          3.  Planning and Design to Support Safe Transport including Provisions for Non-Motorized Transport, the African Experience - Paul Kwamusi, Road Safety Coordinator, Kampala, Uganda.  Presentation.

          4.  U.S. Approach to Roadway Traffic Safety - Ron Boenau, U.S. Dept. of Transportation Federal Transit Administration.  Presentation.

Session #3 - Developing Regional Transport Corridors and Inter-modality of Seaports, Railroad and Roadway - Moderator:  Director for Transport, Uganda, James Grace Itazi

         1.  A Value Chain Approach to Enhancing Transit Competitiveness - Shemmy Simuyemba, USAID/COMPETE, Kenya.  Presentation.

         2.  Increasing Port Capacity in Africa - Jerome Ntibarekerwa, Execitive Secretary, Port Management Association for Eastern and Southern Africa. Presentation. 

         3.  Increasing Port Capacity, U.S. Perspectives - Michael Gordon, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Maritime Administration.  Presentation.

         4.  Regional Approach to Rail Development - Kingston Mkandawire, Former CEO MD/CEO of Tazara.  Presentation.

         5.  Rail Issues in Trans-shipment - SMAK Kaombwe, Central Development Corridor, Kigali.  Presentation.

Session #4 - Partnership Opportunities and Impact on Development - Moderator:  Permanent Secretary, Posts and Telecommunications, Burundi, Pierre Bayihishako

         1.  Project Financing Alternatives in Africa - Joseph O. Haule, Manager Road Fund Board, Tanzania.  Presentation. 

         2.  Case Examples of Public - Private Partnerships in the U.S. - Dwayne Sampson, Superintendent of Maintenance Operations, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York City Transit Authority.  Presentation.

         3.  Public Private Parnerships in Africa - Joel Kolker, Niarobi Office, PPIAF.  Presentation.

         4.  The Importance of Public Participation and Outreach in Project Development - Gary Flunoy, Valley Metro Rail, Phoenix, AZ.  Presentation.

         5.  Other Approaches to Private Sector Involvement - Jason Nagy, U.S. Trade and Development Agency.  Presentation.

Session #5 - Role of Technology Transfer Centers - Moderator:  Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Tanzania

         1.  Technology Transfer Centres in Africa - Hagai Bishanga, Technology Transfer Centre, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.  Presentation.

         2.  Transportation Technology Exchange in the U.S. and Globally - Kay Nordstrom, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration. Presentation.

         3.  U.S. National Transit Institute - Ron Boenau, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration.  Presentation.

Conference Wrap-up and Closing Ceremony

         Philip Wambugu, Director of Infrastructure, EAC

         Julie Cunningham, Executive Director, Conference of Minority Transportation Officials, Washington, DC

         Jean Claude Nsengiyumva, Deputy Secreatary General, Productive and Social Sector, EAC  Presentation.