Environmental Management Systems Training & Assistance Round 4


Congratulations to the transit agencies chosen to participate in the EMS program!

Participating agencies will receive technical assistance and training in the development and implementation of an EMS based on the 14001 Standard of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The ISO 14001 standard is a toolbox of management techniques to minimize harm to the environment. 

FTA provides assistance in the form of training workshops, on-site technical support visits, electronic materials and resources, and consultation. FTA will again employ the services of the Center for Organizational and Technological Advancement at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) http://www.cota.vt.edu/ems/fta/, located in Roanoke, Virginia.  The Environmental Protection Agency recognizes Virginia Tech as a Public Entity Environmental Management System Resource Center (PEER Center), www.peercenter.net, specifically designed to aid local, county, and state entities that are considering implementing EMS. 

The fourth round of EMS Training and Technical Assistance was announced in a Dear Colleague Letter (PDF).

A brochure describing the training in detail can be found below.

EMS Institute Environmental & Sustainability Management System, Round 4, Transit Training (PDF)