DOT & Disability.gov

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is one of 22 federal agencies that are working together to support a vital online resource called Disability.gov. Disability.gov (www.disability.gov/) is a one-stop federal government website that connects visitors to disability policies, programs and services in communities nationwide. The site has a broad range of valuable information for not only people with disabilities and their families, but also public and private transportation providers, state departments of transportation, and federal and state government offices of civil rights that serve the needs of people with disabilities.

Disability.gov is organized into multiple categories, including Benefits, Civil Rights, Community Life, Education, Emergency Preparedness, Employment, Health, Housing, Technology and Transportation. The Transportation section of Disability.gov contains useful information on finding public transportation and paratransit services; transportation provider resources; and laws, such as the Air Carrier Access Act, which protects the air travel rights of people with disabilities.

Disability.gov offers a free subscription service where you can subscribe to receive the Disability Connection newsletter, as well as other email alerts about new information that has been added to the site. You can also follow Disability.gov on Facebook, Twitter (@disabilitygov) and Disability.Blog.