Charter Bus Service

FTA Reporting Requirements

Charter Reporting: If you provide charter service and must report, please upload your report prior to November 30, 2015 for the prior quarter. Please be advised that recipients will NOT complete future Charter Reporting in the new TrAMS system. To accommodate the change a separate reporting interface has been developed and will deploy in tandem with TrAMS. Webinar trainings and user materials will be made available on the FTA Charter Page in the near future. Existing active TEAM users will receive a notification once it deploys to establish your user access password.

FTA’s Charter Bus Service Rule, which implements 49 U.S.C. 5323(d), protects private charter operators from unauthorized competition from FTA grant recipients.

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Charter Registration Website:

The Charter Registration Tool allows private charter providers to receive notices of upcoming charter opportunities. Private operators must register on a bi-annual basis, otherwise they will no longer receive notices after their registration expires. Qualified Human Service Organization’s (QHSO) that do not receive funds from one of the 65 Federal programs included in Appendix A of the Charter Rule must also register on the website.

In order to take advantage of the charter rule provisions private charter operators and applicable QHSO’s must be registered on FTA’s Charter Registration Website.

Charter Registration Website Help:

Regulations Charter Service Rule (January 14, 2008):
Charter Service Rule (December 13, 1982):
Quarterly Reports