Project Management Oversight (PMO) Lessons Learned

Purpose (Last updated December 2012)

This information is intended to increase the effectiveness of transit capital expenditures through shared experience and lessons learned on major capital transit projects.

This collection is from various phases of the New Starts projects which can be usefully applied to other projects. The lessons pertain to engineering and project management activities and are classified into the relevant New Starts phases and categories.


The lessons learned program was developed with the assistance of FTA Project Management Oversight Program (PMOP) contractors, transit properties, and FTA regional engineers. The objective of Project Management Oversight is to assist FTA in the monitoring of a grantee's project development and implementation. The focus of PMO services is determine if a project is on time, within budget, in conformance with the grantee's approved plans and specifications, and is efficiently and effectively implemented. The lessons learned program is an integral part of the PMOP.