Design-Build and Design-Build-Operate-Maintain Chart

Milestones for Design-Build Projects

Flowchart with numbered milestones, 1 through 16, for design-build projects, described in text below

  1. Grantee requests entry into preliminary engineering (PE)
  2. FTA approves project entry into PE
  3. Grantee begins process of pre-qualifications for Design-Build/Design-Build-Operate-Maintain (DB/DBOM) firms
  4. FTA issues Record of Decision or Finding of No Significant Impact
  5. Grantee requests proposals from select DB/DBOM firms
  6. FTA approves project entry into final design (FD)
  7. FTA issues Letter of No Prejudice (LONP) for specified activities
  8. Grantee begins activities authorized under LONP and pre-award authority
  9. FTA and grantee begin discussions on Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA)
  10. FTA prepares financial capacity baseline report
  11. Grantee receives final proposals from select DB/DBOM firms
  12. Grantee selects the winning proposal
  13. FTA prepares financial capacity spot report
  14. Final FFGA process begins (i.e., formal submittal, 60 days notification to Congress)
  15. FTA awards FFGA
  16. Grantee awards contract and gives notice to proceed

Note: In some cases the contract may be awarded and notice to proceed given before an FFGA is signed.