Capital Cost Database

Capital Cost Database 2010 Version

The Capital Cost Database is a Microsoft Access database of as-built costs for 35, federally-funded, Light Rail and Heavy Rail projects. The projects’ costs are tracked in FTA’s Standard Cost Categories (SCC) and the project costs have been validated by the project sponsors.

The database is intended for two primary uses:

  1. Performing historical cost analysis, and
  2. Developing “order-of-magnitude” cost estimates for conceptual transit projects. 

The purpose of the Capital Cost Database is not to prepare a detailed cost estimate. The Capital Cost Database should be used for preparing conceptual, “ballpark” estimates for conceptual projects or for better understanding the unique characteristics of a cost estimate by comparing the costs to historical experiences.

Further development of the Capital Cost Database is anticipated. More projects will be added to the database over time and an annual update of the inflationary factors is expected. Please contact Matthew Nawn, 202-366-0893 or with any comments, questions, or suggestions for improvement.

Capital Cost Database (MS Access)