Principles for Funding Recommendations

As noted above, the project ratings of “Highly Recommended,” “Recommended,” and “Not Recommended” are intended to reflect the overall merits of each project. A rating of “Recommended” does not translate directly into a funding recommendation in any given fiscal year. Rather, the overall project ratings are intended to reflect overall project merit. Proposed projects that are rated “Recommended” or “Highly Recommended,” are eligible for multi-year funding recommendations in the Administration's proposed budget if other project readiness requirements have been met and if funding is available.

In determining which projects can be expected to be ready for an FFGA and thus be recommended for funding in the Administration’s budget proposal, FTA applies strict tests for readiness and technical capacity. To ensure that the recommended projects are fully developed, FTA verifies that no outstanding project scope or cost issues remain (e.g., rail right of way acquisition issues), and that there are no remaining local financial commitment issues.

When recommending annual funding allocations among proposed New Starts, the following general principles are applied: