The proposed new starts funding level of $980.40 million is based on the guaranteed funding level authorized by TEA-21 for FY 2000, and accounts for the following factors:

Specifically, we recommend the following allocations of §5309 new starts funding in FY 2000 for projects with existing Federal funding commitments:

In addition, we also recommend that funding be provided to seven projects in anticipation of Federal commitments expected to be made by the end of FY 2000, as follows:

Finally, as authorized by §5309(m)(2), we recommend that a total of $78.43 million be provided for preliminary engineering activities. The following allocations are recommended:

These amounts, plus $10.32 million for ferry capital projects as specified by §5309(m)(5)(A), and $7.35 million for FTA oversight activities as provided under §5327(c), equal the total FY 2000 funding request of $980.40 million for the §5309 new starts program, which is the guaranteed amount of funding authorized by TEA-21.